Grant Research

RGI conducts research to help clients find and evaluate competitive grant opportunities from all federal and state grant-making agencies. We review all federal grants announced in the Federal Register and use extensive electronic resources to search announcements and information about grant programs and the agencies that support them. We help match client funding needs with available grants.

From our research, clients gain information about the purposes and priorities of grant programs and the criteria for applicant eligibility. We share information on program and application requirements, funding levels, application due dates and evaluation requirements. The information provides valuable support for decisions to pursue funding opportunities and for development of a winning grant strategy.

Research Evaluation

Some grant programs will require extensive research in their evaluation. RGI is able to provide the scientific research and statistical analysis needed to meet these rigorous requirements. RGI will structure, conduct, and evaluate studies on your program to demonstrate it’s efficacy. While anecdotal evidences and narrative based survey responses are important and deeply integrated into our approach to program evaluation, our research¬† evaluation takes it even further. With this specialized high-level service, we are able to aggregate hard data from real-world application and integrate that into the evaluation process as a whole.