Frequently Asked Questions

RGI specializes in writing competitive grant applications for state and federal educational programs to serve at-risk, low-income, students of color, underrepresented, and underserved populations. 

RGI provides grant writing services for educational institutions such as universities, colleges, public schools, educational service districts, and non-profit organizations. 

Our prices vary and are based on the complexity of the application. 

RGI has over 20 years of grant writing experience, has highly skilled staff and a dedicated grant writing team that is successful in strategic planning, developing funding strategies and writing competitive grant applications. Our success rate is above the industry standard, and we have a track record of working with repeat organizations that can attest to our work and contributions.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a common instrument for conducting a grant competition, which is an invitation to submit a proposal from the grant maker. RFP’s list the technical details and specifications of a grant competition and includes important information that RGI will use to develop a competitive application.

RGI specializes in evaluating federal and state funded programs that are school-based and student focused.

We collect, analyze data, and develop federal performance reports and independent evaluation reports about funded programs.

RGI develops customized cloud-based data collection systems with specific required data elements for reporting to all stakeholders.