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Data/Grants Support Specialist


If you possess a natural flair for data analysis, an eye for design, and an unwavering desire to contribute to positive educational advancements, we invite you to seize the opportunity as a Data/Grants Support Specialist at RGI Corporation.


As a distinguished grant writing and program evaluation business in Sunnyside, WA, we are on a mission to empower educational initiatives and provide resources that leave a lasting impact on students, families, educators, and communities. Your role will be instrumental in this endeavor, as you harness your data visualization skills to craft captivating charts, graphs, infographics, and other visually compelling elements. Through your unique talents, grant proposals, and reports will shine, securing critical funding that amplifies the opportunities available to students, families, teachers, and schools.


In addition to your data visualization expertise, you will conduct in-depth data analysis and interpretation to identify trends, patterns, and key insights. Collaborating closely with grant writers and program evaluators, you will translate data findings into meaningful infographics that amplify the impact of our proposals.


If you’re ready to channel your expertise and creativity into a rewarding career, fueling positive change in the realm of education, don’t miss this opportunity. Join RGI Corporation and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of educational programs, contributing to a brighter and more promising tomorrow for students and communities. Together, we can make an enduring impact on the journey of learning and growth for generations to come!


This is an in-office position, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.  Requires a high level of flexibility and openness in both the hours available to work and the type of duties assigned by the CEO and staff. Must have Driver’s License, proof of insurance, and reliable transportation.


Competitive annual salary ranging from $45,000 to $50,000 & benefits DOQ. Send letter of interest summarizing relevant skills and resume to theresa@rgicorporation.com. Open until filled. First screening August 31, 2023.




·         Data Visualization: Develop visually appealing and informative data visualizations, including charts, graphs, infographics, and other visual elements, to enhance the presentation of grant proposals, program evaluations, and reports.


·         Data Analysis: Conduct in-depth data analysis and interpretation to identify trends, patterns, and key insights. Collaborate with grant writers and program evaluators to translate data findings into meaningful narratives.


·         Grant Proposal Support: Collaborate with the grant writing team to enhance the visual aspects of grant proposals. Assist in formatting, layout design, and incorporating data visualizations to create compelling grant applications. Additionally, take charge of formatting and packaging grants, ensuring submission readiness and alignment with the guidelines, requirements, and instructions of entities like the U.S. Department of Education or other similar agencies.


·         File/Data Management: Organize and manage digital files, libraries, folders, and documents to ensure efficient workflows and easy retrieval of grant-related materials. Organize and maintain databases of relevant grant-related data, program metrics, and evaluation findings. Ensure data accuracy and accessibility for reporting purposes.


·         Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including grant writers, and program evaluators, to ensure seamless integration of data visualizations into various documents and presentations. The candidate should be comfortable with scheduling, and using Zoom, Microsoft Teams for online meetings, Zoom presentations, and collaboration with team members, clients, and stakeholders.


·         Innovation: Stay updated with industry trends, best practices, and tools related to data visualization and data analysis. Suggest and implement innovative visualization techniques to improve the effectiveness of grant proposals and reports.


·         Deadline Management: Effectively manage multiple tasks and projects to meet tight deadlines and ensure timely completion of grant-related visualizations and deliverables.




1.       Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Statistics, Graphic Design, Computer Science, or a related field. We also welcome candidates with a certificate in one of these programs or related fields, as well as individuals with a 2-year trade school education specifically focused on data visualization, graphic design, or related areas.


2.       Microsoft Office Suite: Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.


3.       Data Management Skills: The ideal candidate will demonstrate proficiency in the preparation and collection of data. This includes experience with tools like Google Sheets, and/or survey instruments like SurveyMonkey, and other data management platforms.


4.       Online Document Collaboration: Experience with cloud-based document collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams is beneficial for seamless and efficient collaboration, especially with the grant writing team.


5.       Strong Task Management and Prioritization Skills: The candidate needs to possess excellent task management abilities, including the capacity to handle a high volume of tasks simultaneously while effectively prioritizing them based on deadline, urgency, importance, and impact on grant success.


6.       Positive Attitude and Enthusiasm: A positive attitude, enthusiasm, and high energy are essential traits as they contribute to a productive and motivated work environment.


7.       Punctuality and Flexibility: The candidate should have a strong sense of punctuality and be reliable in meeting deadlines and deliverables. Additionally, the willingness and availability to work evenings or weekends, when necessary, to ensure timely completion of grant proposals and related tasks is expected.


8.       Versatility and Initiative: The ideal candidate should be willing to go beyond their job description, be proactive in taking on additional responsibilities, and assist the CEO and other staff when needed.


9.       Collaborative Team Player: Grant writing often involves working in teams, so the candidate should have strong teamwork skills, be able to collaborate effectively, and contribute positively to the team’s success.