Diana Ochoa, MBA

Diana Ochoa, MBA

Educational Evaluator

Diana Ochoa has twelve years of combined experience working at a cancer research center, university and RGI Corporation. Through her RGI experience, she has evaluated numerous large multi-year grant projects for universities in partnership with many school districts.

Ms. Ochoa is responsible for assisting clients with program evaluation, program site validation visits and monitoring program reporting. Diana trains and assists clients with technology-driven data tracking and collects and analyzes data to prepare federal program performance reports and develops independent evaluation reports. These reports document program achievements and services provided for students and families.

Ms. Ochoa is responsible for leading the team that evaluates all the Washington State University (WSU) and Utah State University USU) GEAR UP Projects. The WSU GEAR UP includes multiple grants with numerous schools located in eastern Washington. The USU GEAR UP includes multiple GEAR UP grants serving many schools throughout the state of Utah.

Ms. Ochoa was raised in the Yakima Valley, was the first to attend high school and college in her family. As a Hispanic Women, she faced and knows the cultural challenges women encounter in pursing an education. Diana also knows the community and understands the needs of the many families, youth and children face in rural, diverse and high-poverty communities.

Ms. Ochoa received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Heritage University in 2008 and earned her Master of Business Administration from Upper Iowa University in 2015.

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